Sunday, 7 September 2014

One More Challenge - Are you in?

Inspired by the challenge of producing a one minute video for the First Google Teacher Academy in Brazil (Yay! I got in), I would like to challenge you to embrace a new way to summarize your qualifications, background, skills, experience and personality.

Are we ready for a shift in the process of hiring applicants, granting scholarships, accepting proposals and advertising ourselves?

What about our students? Are they confident enough to select media, the right words, and find a valuable delivery strategy in order to draw enough visibility to nail that exceptional job, attract new customers, to be picked for the presentation of their lives- or even just to make new friends?

So…I challenge you to think about it…and if you like a bit of adventure, I challenge you to make your one minute videos and invite your students to make their own.

This is my go at it! I hope you enjoy it =)
- It is in Portuguese by I think you will get the message.


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